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Doula Testimonials

I am always honored when I receive feedback on my work. Below I am sharing some of the responses, reviews, and testimonials that I have received from past clients. Here you will see doula testimonials, please feel free to view photography feedback on the adjoining link.

Doula Testimonials:

“Sindea was fabulous! She sat down with my husband and me twice before the birth of our baby, went over our birth plan, gave suggestions and calmed our worries. Sindea was by our side during the majority of the birthing process (ended up with an emergency C-section and they would not let her in the room). And while Sindea was a prominent part of our birth, she never dominated. She did not get in the way of my husband but supported both of us and was a calming factor. As an added bonus, she took photos of our beautiful baby boy when he was minutes old! Sindea also stopped by the house after my husband went back to work to see how I and my newborn were doing. I highly recommend Sindea.”   ~ Devon

“Sindea was wonderful to have as our doula. I called her at a very early hour and she came without a word of complaint.  She was very supportive of both me and my husband (reminded him to take time to eat, as I had a very long labor). She suggested some positions for me to labor in that were helpful and massaged my back. I wondered if her photography would actually get in the way of her being a great doula but it did not; in fact I’m so very, very glad she took pictures as I have these wonderful pictures that I would not otherwise have that are very meaningful and special to me. They are treasures that I didn’t think I’d care that much about. Sindea is great and I highly recommend her!”   ~ Joyce

“Sindea Horste is a fantastic doula with a calm presence and a wonderfully supportive approach. She was instrumental during both of my challenging deliveries, which ran the gamut from a near emergency C-section to vacuum assistance to a C-section. Sindea also knows how to communicate with hospital staff and to create a collaborative atmosphere. In addition to her excellent labor and delivery support, Sindea is an absolute font of knowledge about post-partum care, breastfeeding and newborn care. Baby has a rash? Trouble getting a good latch? Chances are that Sindea knows what’s going on and has effective suggestions. My husband and I both recommend her enthusiastically.”   ~ Kristin

“What can you say about Sindea…or rather how do I put into words what a special part of our lives she has been? I’ll give it a shot.

We have been fortunate enough to have Sindea be our doula for our two births. She is such a kind, calm spirit and even though my husband is strong and confident, I felt all would be well as soon as Sindea walked in the door during our labor process. Sindea skillfully gave my husband and I techniques to work thru the labor and delivery, and was there the whole time and stayed as long as we needed after we gave birth. So knowledgeable and supportive throughout. With the birth of our daughter last year she again helped us be very successful at breast feeding, and truly made all the difference in the world when she came to visit us at home a couple of days after we came home from the hospital. I was a mess, emotionally, and struggling with breastfeeeding. Sindea again put her experience and calm teachings to use, when I was about to give up. She was the difference and we successfully breastfed for over a year with our beautiful healthy baby girl.

I strongly (can you tell?) recommend Sindea as your doula. She’s nurturing, calm and experienced, and my husband and I wouldn’t have changed a thing having her as our partner thru our births and afterwards.”   ~ Penny

“Sindea has attended the labor and deliveries of both my children. I knew with my first pregnancy that I wanted a natural birth and therefore needed a doula’s skills to guide me. We interviewed Sindea and felt a real connection. With my first child everything was so new and Sindea was a strong and skilled coach, guiding me in coping with the contractions and ensuring my comfort at every step of the process. Even my husband sings Sindea’s praises. Sindea helped him greatly by letting him take breaks and have conversations with my doctor while still having someone by my side to help me. The next time I decided to learn Hypno Birthing to increase the number of tools I had to use during labor and delivery. Sindea was supportive and listened to what I needed to use my Hypno Birthing. Her postpartum assistant was helpful as well. Whether it was ensuring me that I was doing “it right” or making suggestions in anticipation of the next phase of my mothering skills, she was always helpful and gentle.”   ~ Jeanette

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