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Newborn Portraits

{Information for Newborn Sessions}

As a mom and a doula, I know how precious those early days and weeks with your new baby (or babies!) are, and take special care to capture those sweet little souls before they change. It happens all too fast… Here is a bit more information about scheduling and preparing for your newborn portrait session.

* Newborn sessions must take place within the first two weeks (unless you have a  preemie, or a baby with special circumstances. if this applies to you please contact me to make arrangements.)

* Days 5-10 are perfect as the baby is sleepy and easier to pose.

* While it is ideal to have your session tentatively scheduled before the birth, it is not necessary.

* I am extra flexible and leave space in my schedule for newborn sessions so there is no need to worry about being able to get your session done!


Tips for preparing for a newborn session in your home:

* Have the babe fed, if possible, not long before I get there.

* Loosen the diaper and try to have the babe just in a blanket during the 15 minutes or so before I get there, it helps to eliminate lines on the skin.

* Have the room/rooms where we will be in SUPER warm, warmer than you may want it, so that the babe stays nice and cozy when we strip him/her down.

* Have any cute hats, diaper covers, and/or blankets handy that you want to possibly use in the photos. I like to keep the props and stuff to a minimum, so that the focus is on the babe, but a few things as such are great.

* If the parents or siblings want to be in any photos, either both wear plain black or plain white shirts, and jeans or khakis, so the focus is again, on the babe. Another nice option are simple sweaters or button down shirts, just try not to clash with each other, and basic accessories are always lovely!



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