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A Shakespearean Princess ~ Kirkland Photographer

How often do we get to try living out our dreams? If you could dress up as a favorite character from any time in history- who would it be? Why? This lovely lady knew just who her favorites were, and we had a great time with her portraying her favorite Shakespearean characters- Juliet and Titania!

And can I just say… Wow, this lady was a real trooper. We started out inside during a nasty wind storm, but moved out into the crazy weather, and while we were all blown about, we had a great time!


Lori Peterson - These are so beautiful! She just lights up every image!

Vicki - Beautiful!!

Jade - Beautiful everyone of them!!

Rochelle - Wow! She’s beautiful! Great photos. Love all the different poses and the dresses. But her smile is what makes all of these perfect!

Jennifer Reif - Never has there been a more lovely Juliet or Titania.

Danielle LaFleur-Dutta - shakespearean princess = awesomeness! Love these pictures, simply beautiful! Loving those wings too. Very pretty.

Dawna - These are beautiful. Such a pretty lady.

Jennifer - Beautiful! I love that she fulfilled her dream, and she makes a delightful princess! :)

Dana - Gorgeous! She lights up every frame!

PamN - Amazingly creative and beautiful! What a fabulous idea, and she looks positively glowing.

Robin - love these, how creative! You did an excellent job with the location and the process to make these unique. She is beautiful!

Bliss Found…

A and I went out to a beautiful location in Snohomish, and enjoyed the last of the beautiful fall leaves. We were both having a great time, but when she grabbed the leaves and started throwing them into the air, all I could think of was one word: bliss. I think we all need to work on finding our bliss, and finding it in everyday moments.

Enjoy this little sneak peek of A!


Anya & Willow ~ Lynnwood Senior Photographer

I took my own daughters out to do their portraits. Anya Upton is a senior at Mountlake Terrace High and this was phase one of her senior portraits. And we were due to create Willow’s 12 year portraits. It is not too late to have senior portraits done, or family portraits!

Enjoy my lovely girls here.

Amy - What beautiful girls.. I love all of there images.

Lina - Beautiful session, love it!

PamN - Beautiful processing and location – and gorgeous girls! What a treasure for you.

Anna-Karin - You have two beautiful daughters!
Beautiful photographs!

Meggan - your girls are adorable! beautiful portraits!