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Lovely Boudoir Session ~ Shoots for a Cure

This was the most enjoyable and wonderful boudoir session I have ever had the privilege to do. Miss S is such an amazing woman, and so much fun! We had a blast. Thank you for inviting me into your life, S!



Sophie - The soul of this woman shines through her eyes – and she is truly beautiful! What an amazing series of pictures!

Trin - so beautiful

Lovely Lady D ~ The Dragonfly Inn

I wanted to share one of my Lovely Sessions from The Dragonfly Inn…


Lovely Sessions are for people ages 3 to 103 that have been bullied or abused and are at a point in their healing that they would have a bit of fun, having a relaxed portrait session done to help facilitate that healing. So often we are hard on ourselves. But for those who have been bullied or abused, it is often way too easy to see someone who is less than beautiful, which is horribly unfortunate. We all have beauty and so much to offer the world around us. These sessions are at no charge and are lots of fun, and hopefully, they will help make a difference, no matter how big or small, in helping each person see their own beauty and worth just a bit more than before.

lovely lady d

The Dragonfly Inn, Weekly Highlight

Over at The Dragonfly Inn, which is my project, something a little personal, and something a little about making a difference with my photography skills, by offering portrait sessions for people who are healing from their experiences from abuse and bullying. I am working to create a community of sorts there, and part of that is to highlight a person, couple, family, or business that is making a difference. This week I featured my wonderful neighbors, head on over and take a peek.



I was recently honored to attend an absolutely beautiful birth center birth, and I was there as the birth photographer, with Jenne Alderks as the doula for this lovely couple. Jenne is also a fabulous writer, and was asked to write an article, complete with birth images, for a university magazine. Here is a sneak peak to this article…

birth photographer