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Miss J and her Bat Mitzvah!

How fun is this? I got to go and capture some moments before this sweet girl had her Bat Mitvah. I am not huge on the formal posed stuff, but it needed to be done. My favorites are the few moments that I captured real personality!


The Dragonfly Inn ~ Lovely Sessions

Hello all and Happy Holidays!

For those who are new to Sindea Horste Photography & Doula Care, welcome! Feel free to look around, leave a comment here or there, or drop my a line via the contact page. 2014 has been a wonderful year. I have gotten to attend the births of many babies, gotten to know their wonderful parents, supported numerous families as a postpartum doula, and had the honor of photographing so many people in so many different capacities. I am truly blessed in my career.

Also, why don’t you wander on over to my sister site, The Dragonfly Inn? This is a place where I can share my own person photos and experiences, along with a very special project, called Lovely Sessions. These sessions are specifically for anyone (children to adult, male or female) who has experienced abuse and/or bullying in their lives, and would like a complimentary portrait session to help in their healing process. We all have beauty, inside and out. And yet, unfortunately, many people have a hard time seeing their own beauty and even their worth, due to such rotten experiences in their lives. Please, take a moment to learn more about these sessions, and pass the information along to those for whom it may be helpful.

And remember to do your part in being kind to others, and stop the cycles of abuse and bullying, wherever you can.

And now… Our family holiday cards. Enjoy, and see you all in 2015!